What is possible?

How we unconsciously view the world, is generally based on a fixed or growth mindset. People may say they want to be happy and prosperous, yet a fixed mindset may not be able to handle an increase in wealth, love and abundance. We may not see the possibilities that are lying in front of us and are actually available to achieve prosperity. A fixed mindset keeps us stuck just where we are and can sabotage us from flowing into an energy of abundance.

Living in abundance includes love, good health, happiness and meaningful work. It includes spirituality. A growth mindset causes feelings of joy, love and optimism. Although we all experience feelings of scarcity, loss and sadness from time to time, we can train our own thought pattern and spend more time feeling abundant than scarced.

Someone who believes she needs more money, might say: I want to do it, but I don’t have enough money now and no one else will pay for it, so I don’t see how I’m capable of doing it.

Someone who believes she lacks the brains or creativity, could be fixated around mental capabilities and may say: I want to do it, but I’m just not smart or creative enough, so I’ll pay someone else to do it.

Someone who believes she’s not beautiful enough, may spend her money on beauty and wellness, or plastic surgery and still end up feeling stuck and not good enough.

Someone who believes she should know every little detail about a certain topic before looking for a better job or building a business around it, might say: I just need to have one more degree, or take this or that course and maybe then I will be capable to do it.

A fixed mindset also manifests itself when we think about other people and how we believe that others are not capable of growth, learning, resolving issues or problems with us.

To break this way of thinking, a mindset that is all about you and your beliefs about the world, you need to make different choices and unlock restraints that have been placed in your mind by the society around you. If you’re considerably more at ease with struggle, to begin tolerating succes, abundance, prosperity and a sense of real joy and love, there has to be a paradigm shift. This may take hard core inner work, which can challenge everything you grew up believing about yourself. Each time we think we don’t know enough, don’t have enough, are not capable enough, or not worthy enough, it may well be time to pack our suitcase, leave the country and start exploring other ways of living that didn’t cross our mind just yet.

But it starts with a simple question:

“What is possible?”

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