What’s the difference between a psychologist and a coach?

Psychologists have had a university degree of at least 5 years. The profession of psychologist is now also protected (at least in Europe), so that only persons who have completed the education at university level may call themselves psychologists. Being a coach is not a protected profession, everyone can call themselves a coach. There are professional associations for coaches that try to introduce a European standard.

In general it is believed that a psychologist – in contrast with a coach who mostly has a future oriented hands-on approach – tries to explain behavior by looking at the past. That’s not really true. A focus on the past is mainly an approach that is used in (classical) psychotherapy, while these days, there are already so many other perspectives and specializations among psychologists that also focus on what is happening in the “here and now” and of course, also future hopes and goals can be discussed.

At Do your thing! I use insights from classical psychology and positive psychology, in combination with more hands-on tools and exercises. In any case, the approach that will prevail per session, will match your personal development process and needs at that specific moment.

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