Hi, I'm Anne-Marie. My thing is helping others to do their thing.
What's your thing?


More than once in my life, things didn’t go the way I wanted them to, which made me feel discouraged, sad and useless. Do you know that feeling when you shrink and stop moving for a long time, as if nothing has any meaning anymore? By trial and error I learned to determine my own path in life, often different from the standard path that society sometimes seems to force upon us.

I also studied psychology to help others from a thorough basis work on their mental health and a life that has meaning to them, despite the setbacks that we all experience at one point or another.

Because I travel a lot, I work location independent as a psychologist. You can read the e-book and follow me on social media. You can book me for telephone sessions or video calls. That doesn’t mean we can never meet, but for most sessions you don’t need to move. You can simply schedule a session from your seat and talk about what matters to you the most.

I’m already looking forward to hearing your story.