How to write your own death letter

Let’s just pretend you won’t be falling off a cliff, or die in a car crash and that when you grow old, you’ll have some time left to think about your life. Instead of writing a bucket list and thinking about your future, writing a death letter to yourself is a great way to think about how you would look back at your life. Because some day, you will. And when you do, there won’t be enough time anymore to make things right.

It could start like this: “And then there I was lying on my death bed in a time not my own, with only a ghost and my own flesh and bone. I reached out for a hand and pondered over the life I had been given. And this is what happened…”

Some things to consider while writing your own death letter:

  • Why the hell am I dying? What’s my age?
  • Where am I? In a hospital, a senior’s home, my own home? Who’s with me?
  • What did I do in the last days, weeks, months?
  • What did I do in the last years of my life?
  • Who were the people I loved the most?
  • Where did I live? Alone? With a family? Did I have children?
  • Who were my biggest mentors in life?
  • What were my biggest challenges, and how did I manage to rise above it?
  • What mistakes did I make? What did I try to do about it and what did I learn?
  • What kind of work did I do?
  • What was my purpose in life?
  • What did I give back to the world? What did other people learn from me?
  • And so on…

I hope writing your own death letter will give you at least one meaningful insight and that it will inspire you to take action now, because you never know when it’s too late. Not that I wish you’re dead. At least, not yet. Cheers & best wishes for 2016!

The soul is born old but grows young. That is the comedy of life. And the body is born young and grows old. That is life’s tragedy. – Oscar Wilde

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