10 simple tips to enjoy your life wild and free at home

In some countries like Spain it is now prohibited for a while to leave the country and highly advised – even asked for – to stay at home. Then, thinking about everything that’s happening in the world together with scrolling through your Facebook timeline may cause some mental friction that you likely want to get rid of.

Here are some tips to enjoy your staying at home the most:

  • First of all, don’t look at your Facebook feed the whole day. It simply isn’t that good for your wellbeing. Instead go outside for a walk to the supermarket, enjoy the sun and the wind in your hair. Breathe. You’re okay.
  • Take a moment to sit down in silence and listen to yourself. Notice the way you are breathing and how you are feeling. A worried mind may also have to do with other things happening in your life right now, or not feeling completely comfortable in your own skin – remember you’re always beautifully imperfect. Try some mediation, a new hobby or read that book that’s been on your shelf for ages.
  • Keep on having that daily shower. If makes you feel fresh and new and also cleans up your mind a bit.
  • Clean up your house. Since you will spend lots of time at home, no better time than now to clean up a few closets. Also your mind will thank you. An organized home is an organized mind.
  • Take this extra time in your advantage and revise your food and health habits. Make a list before going to the supermarkt and try some more healthy stuff, experiment with new food. Cook something new and exciting. Also don’t forget the frozen pizza. Drink lots of water. Overall try to eat a balanced diet.
  • Try to setup an online business apart from your day job. There’s never been a better time to learn and work online. Maybe this is your time to make some money on the side from the comfort of your own home.
  • Start dreaming some more and make plans for your future. What have you been wanting to do your whole life, but postponed it until now? What’s your thing? Find a collection of free exercises in our Facebook group and let us know the results.
  • Call or write people. Even a simple whatsapp text just to ask how other people are doing will mean a lot to them, and to you. You will notice now more than ever your need to feel connected. So connect yourself.
  • Keep your old routine. Try to sleep well, as much as possible and wake up around the same time every day.
  • Reach out to your local charity organizations. There are many vulnerable people sitting at home which may never be able to go out or go to the supermarket. Reaching out to other people and giving back in uncertain times, may even be the best way to cope with all kinds of life challenges.

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